Buzzer says buzz on over to  the 'Our Classmates' page and  Sign In...
Buzzer says buzz on over to the "Our Classmates" page and Sign In...
Please enter your name and message, 
if you like, in our guest book. 
Even if
you do not intend to come
to the reunion
it would be great to hear
from all of you.  If you are not a classmate
please feel free to leave your name, 
we appreciate you stopping by and
checking out our webpage. 
Of course
if you are a classmate we really hope
you will join us at Maddox Ranch House
Lodge (annex) for our 55th. reunion.  
Remember the date is September 8th. 2016.
The time to be announced soon.

  Mary Jones Kinney
Friday, August 26, 2016
I'm going to be at the 55th reunion. It's been so long ago since I lived in Brigham City. When people ask where I'm from I always say, "Northwestern NJ". I spent 40 years in that beautiful state and it is where I feel that I grew up. I was 26 years old when we moved there and that seems so young now (my oldest grandson is that age now). After we retired, my husband and I went on a  senior mission for the LDS church. We were called to the Tennessee Nashville Mission where I was sure we would be in the midst of hillbillys. I've only met one backwoods family in the seven years we've been here. Yes, we loved it here so much that we sold our home in Jersey and moved here near Nashville. We love the music culture and the Christian culture.  It's better than the financial culture of the NYC tri-state area and it is much slower if they only had good Italian food. We keep very busy with church related activities and working in the temple. Being retired also opens up more social time with friends. Life is good and I look forward to seeing old friends and classmates in a couple of weeks.      
  Judy Buist Simmons
Friday, March 25, 2016
  I have never written in the guest book in all these years, but as we get older I would love to hear from a few friends I have thought about over the years.  I live in Montana and have since I was seventeen, been married for 43 years and still like the man.  I have tried to find two people over the years and maybe someone can help me .  I have hunted for Maxine  Anderson and Linda Hunsaker.  Have not seen there names on any list but I  would like any help.  I want to try and make the class reuion this year I have never been to it but really want to make it this year.  Hope somone from the class will remember me . I wasn,t one of the popular kids but nice enough  Hope everone left is well and I send my best.
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  George Jr. Watanabe
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
I believe the last entry was in 2011.  My wife, Sundy and I live in No. Salt Lake, have 4 married children, 8 grand kids, who are the GREATEST!  Am working with a tech start up that I assisted in co-founding, and a couple of other ventures.  Continue to be involved a church, civic, and BSA.  I haven't learned how to retire, but it sounds pretty great from listening to those who have.  The years we spent at BEHS were unique and a special time for me.  It seems like a dream, a great dream.  Thanks to each of you for your kindness and friendship.  It has and continues to mean a great deal to me.  George Jr.   
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  Tom Craner
Sunday, September 4, 2011
Thanks for all your work on Reunion.  Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.
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  Ruth Yamasaki Seo
Friday, June 24, 2011
Robert did a great job on this website.  I enjoyed reading all the entries and will submit one soon.  I regret that I won't be able to attend the reunion and Peach Days.  Thank you to all the committee members who are working so hard to make the reunion memorable for everyone.
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  Ann Stoker Inman
Tuesday, June 21, 2011
 Just thinking it has been 50 years is overwhelming.  I have not attended a reunion since the 5th!  We are trying to get things together so we can be there for the 50th.  Not even sure any of you will remember me.  I spent such a short time at BEHS - November til graduation.  I did make many friends and memories and would like to see all of you.  
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  Lynette Maddocks Gatlin
Friday, March 4, 2011
Haha!  Think I registered twice....
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  Leslie (Rhein) Lerner
Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank you to the committee for all your hard work to put the 50th reunion together.  Hope everyone is able to attend.  It is such a great experiencve to get together with people who were such a big part of your formative years....high school!  See you in September.


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  Linda Busenbark Cannon
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Great job on the web site. Don't know about the reunion yet but would love to see everyone.
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  Kirk Gardner
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Hey Classmates, It has been great to be involved with our next reunion. We are trying to contact EVERYONE and let them know that we need EVERYONE to be at the 50th for it to be a success. Thanks to all who have been willing to help with searching. I will be in China for a year teaching (a program through BYU). Heres wishing you all a great year with happiness and good health.
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  Tom Craner
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Hello Classmates We hope you are planning to all be at the reunion. We are doing well and enjoying St George. Drop in if you are down this way.
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  Veran Smith
Saturday, August 12, 2006
Veran is not the best at corrrsponding, so I will key a few words in his behalf. We have lived in Brigham City for 40 years. Veran retired about seven years ago from Hill Air Force Base, and I retired this year after teaching for 27 years. We hope to spend more time with our four daughters, their spouses and our wonderful grandchildren (6) and perhaps travel a bit. Veran had knee replacement surgery last Wednesday, so we will not be attending the reunion. We hope to see you at the 50th year reunion--or sooner.
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  L. Reed Conger
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Reed is a good delegator and has "hired" me to write in this section for him. (However, the pay is below mininum wage!) .... Now that Reed's retired, his vocabulary is primarily limited to four letter words: golf, fish, work (when he must) and play. He has gone to Canada annually for over 30 years, each time taking one or more of our children. I even went once and after flying home in a storm, that was enough for me. He catches and releases many 20# plus lake trout and Northern Pike. (I actually think he catches the same fish year after year after year.) We enjoy spending time with our family--they are our lives. Reed teaches self employment classes as a missionary at the Employment Resource Center. Since I'm authoring this, I have license to say what he wouldn't say about himself-- he is a kind-hearted, great provider, generous, wonderful, humorous, good looking, loving husband!!!
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  Leslie Rhein Lerner
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Really looking forward to the reunion. The 40th reunion was the first time I had been back in Brigham City in 38 years. I was great to see everyone then and so I know this will be better because I finally found my old friend Judy Corwin after so many years. It was great restablish friendships from the past. August is almost here!!
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  Judy Corwin Brailsford
Thursday, June 22, 2006
I promise that this time I'll be one of the BC Residents who comes to the reunion. Leslie Rhein is coming too - she'll be staying with me. It's going to be fun. Love those pix on the photo album page. I would love to see Linda Jordan - no one knows where she is?
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  Esther Ann Busby Vaughn
Friday, June 2, 2006
We are in the process of buying a house, so we don't have our computer on line, nor do we have a new email address. I won't be able to come to the reunion.
  Marsha Noorlander
Monday, May 29, 2006
HELLO! I hope more of you are adding hellos and bios to this great web site. I am looking forward to reading more and seeing you.
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  Ford Wilson
Monday, May 15, 2006
Thanks to the committee for researching the whereabouts of us strays and for providing this well designed web site. We retired to St George three years ago after falling in love with Utah’s national parks and red rock country. We spend most of the winter there, and spend the rest of the time with our RV. Our travels take us to family, friends, and new territories. I believe that we will be able to attend the reunion this year and look forward to visiting with all of you.
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  Robert (Bob) Holt
Saturday, May 13, 2006
Greetings to all of you. My wife, Carol, of 43+ years and I live in Richland, WA Richland is one of a composite of three major communities that are called the Tri-Cities, WA. We have lived here since 1989. I retired as nuclear scientist for the Dept. of Energy in 2000. We have two children. Kristy is our oldest and finally found her Mr. Right a couple of years ago. They have been married for just over a year. She is the events coordinator for Rice- Eccles stadium at the University of Utah. Her husband is events coordinator at the Jon M. Huntsman Center at the UofU. We have no problems with getting good tickets to all athletic and other events. They don't have any children but her husband has 3 boys. Our son, Brian, lives in Vancouver, WA. He is a parole officer for the state of Oregon. He and his wife have given us 5 wonderful grandchildren. I don'tt know if we will be coming to the reunion. I have a chroncic illness that continously deplets my health. It has beeen getting worse over the past two years. Ultimate outcome will probably be cancer and a liver transplant if I qualify for new organ. Carol is in good health. Carol and I spend most of our time in church work. We had to be released this spring after 15 continious years of service in the Seattle and Columbia River temples of LDS Church. We served as shift coordinators for four years to train new temple workers after the Columbia River Temple opened. My bad health forced us to ask us for the release. Hope you all have a good time and God Bless all of you. Would loved to see and visit with everyone.
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  Darrell M. Nuttall
Friday, May 12, 2006
I have been living in Hawaii with my wife Laurienne for about 3-1/2 years now on the Big Island of Hawaii. My 1st Wife, Connie died in 1991 after 26 years of marriage-we lived in several places including Salt lake City, and Seattle, Washington. We have 4 children-Kent (7 grandchildren), Brent(single), Rebecca (2 grandchildren) and John (2 grandchildren and 1 on the way). Laurienne and I were married in 1995 in the mormon tabernacle in Honolulu, HI. She has two daughters(Jennie & Erica). Laurienne is a flight attendant with United Airlines and we visit our families in the Seattle Washington area frequently and my son John who lives in Maine as often as we can. I work as a self employed CPA and enjoy being a temple worker in the Kona Temple. We would love to attend the reunion , but, are not sure we can make it. If anyone comes to the Big Island(Hawaii) please look me up. My telephone number is 808-329-9565
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  Marilyn Call Johnson
Friday, May 5, 2006
Hi Everyone, Thanks, Robert, for this great website. How things have changed in the past 45 years! I am really looking forward to reading about lots and lots of classmates and their varied and interesting lives, so fill us in all you folks! My story is posted in the story section, and I hope yours soon will be!
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  Mary Jones Kinney
Monday, April 24, 2006
This website is great! It's interesting to read about my old classmates. I made it to the 20 and 40 years reunions, but I'm not sure about this one.
  Janet Owen Anderson
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
45 Years! Sounds like a long time, but has passed so quickly. Love the webpage, just seeing familiar names takes me to a place I love to visit. Thanks Robert C. for finding me. The dates are highlighted...
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  Jim and Janet Beecher Harmon
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. It's already been a mini-reunion for us to be involved with the reunion committee now that we have moved back to Utah. We'll see you in August!
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  Lynette Maddocks Gatlin
Sunday, April 2, 2006
Wow! What a great webpage. I really enjoyed the Photo Albums, even though I recognized no one, not even myself! I am going to try to come to the reunion, but will be in Utah in May and again in June, so I don't know yet if August is an option. Hope to see everyone then, though.
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  Jay C. Stuart
Friday, March 31, 2006
Hello to Everyone! First, thanks for the great webpage! I have enjoyed reading the guest book of those who have signed in already and I am looking forward to reading about the remainder of our class. I can tell that our reunion will be a special occasion and I will be looking forward to spending time with each of you.
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  Darwin Jensen
Friday, March 31, 2006
Hi everyone! I joined the retirement group this year with just under 40 years with the company. I was an Electronic Engineering Supervisor over software engineer ing at OO-ALC/Hill AFB. I look forward to seeing you at our 45th Class Reunion.
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  Judy Byington Weindorf
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Hi everyone. It's been fun being on the reunion committe and getting re-aquainted. My brilliant philosophy of what I have learned over the past 60 plus years is on the Classmates page. I hope you give me the opportunity to understand yours. We could combine it and come up with a great book. Looking forward to seeing you.
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  Margare Hacking Pounder
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Hi- Jack and I will be at the reunion. We have a full summer planned but will be home at that time. I retired from the bank in Sept 2002 and we then spent the next summer in Idaho volunteering at a Ghost Town (Gold Mining Town). Then we were in Western Australia (Australia Perth Mission) for 18 months, hard to believe we have been home almost one year already. See everyone in August. If you are in Brigham on April 29th, come to the Orrin Porter Rockwell Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Festival, it will be a great event. It is held at BEHS.
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  Norman L Maero
Thursday, March 23, 2006
I will be coming to the events in Brigham City. I am still working for a lot of reasons mainly because I enjoy my job. I have had a very interesting life or should I say Lives(about 4) but all is going well so I will see you all in August Norm Maero General Manager of Construction Nucor Corp. Charlotte NC.
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  Moana Berchtold Jensen
Friday, March 17, 2006
Hi all, Just a quick sign in here, hope to get more on the classmates page. Our reunion committee is working hard to make plans, and hoping it will be the best one yet! It is great to get to the age where you just love to see everyone, no cliques, and hopefully no feelings of superiority or inferiority!! We've come a long way, traveled a hard journey and it is good to look back to the beginning and those we shared it with. Alan and I look forward to seeing all of you in August.
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  Patricia (Patt) Gee Trussell
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Glad to be around for the 45th reunion. I guess that retirement for me is a few years away. However, I'm into travel and have seen a far share of the world. I've accepted a very challengening job. I think that it has aged for more than I would liked. Different culture and work ehtics. It has been an adventure I'll remember for a very long time. My family still lives in the Ogden area, so I travel often to be with them. It's the only place that I find a little peace and quiet. They love me no matter what. That will tell you how stress filled the new job is. Oh well, if you don't have a few challenges, you end up with dementia.
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  Robert Christensen
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Hi all I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th. reunion. Now since you're here looking to see who else has stopped by please at least sign our guest book and if you haven't already please sign in to our "Our Classmates" page as well. I know I speak for most everyone, we'd all like to know a little bit about what you and your family is up to and maybe even what you look like, if you're of a mind to upload a recent picture. If I could break down and put one in I know you all can. See you all at our 2011 reunion...
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